Trouble installing FreeBSD4.0

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Tue Aug 15 17:35:17 BST 2000

Hi, I've successfully installed FreeBSD4.0 onto my laptop but I ran into
some problems when I tried to stick it onto my desktop machine.

On my desktop I've already got Win98 and Win2k dual-booting.

I can boot from the FreeBSD CD-ROM, but when I try to create a disk
slice I get the flags '=' and '>' - which supposedly mean 'this
partition crosses the 1024 cylinder border' and 'the partition is
aligned'... anyway, on with the installation - installation is fine, but
FreeBSD won't boot from its bootman on startup.

I've got a 22 Gb disk, the first partition is win98 with 6.5Gb [the os
and all my programs], the second partition is FreeBSD with 4.5Gb and the
other partitions are for work/play/installs and Win2k.

If anyone has any idea what is wrong here and how I can fix it then
please email me at jared at

Thanks in advance,
-Jared Miles

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