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Jonathan Perkin sketchy at
Mon Aug 14 11:51:21 BST 2000

On Sat, Aug 12, 2000 at 08:07:12PM +0100, Ben Smithurst wrote:

> Lee Johnston wrote:
> > Hi Paul, I think your best bet is going for a SCSI CD-R, IDE drives are
> > (or were when I last looked) lacking support under FreeBSD.
> Nope, my IDE CD-RW works fine.
> acd0: CD-RW <Hewlett-Packard CD-Writer Plus 9100> at ata1-master using PIO4

Same here, and don't forget FreeBSD 4 comes with a rather nifty "burncd"
command in the base system, to save faffing around with SCSI emulation and
cdrecord port.

Works a treat.

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