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Ben H bens_lists2 at mailandnews.com
Sun Aug 13 23:11:52 BST 2000

On Sun, Aug 13, 2000 at 09:17:52PM +0100, John Toon wrote:

> > secondly, anyone know of an internal (lack of plug sockets, serial ports)
> > modem that a) works with freebsd well, b) is pretty compatable and good to use
> > (my sportster won't connect to half the stuff i'd like..) c) does 56k, d) is
> > available for a small excahnge of coins or other tender in the UK?
> Mmm, that could be a problem. What you really need is an old ISA 56k
> internal. Pretty much any bog standard modem should work with FreeBSD
> (or Linux) - problem is, practically all the new PCI modems are
> Winmodems... 

i know, i bought one a while ago as it was a *HARDWARE* modem (said the
advert) and it wasnt recognised by anything, so that was promptly given away..

> Anyone know of a PCI "proper-modem"?

i have a ISA 33.6k one, but its not very good and it's only 33.6k..

> Also, isn't it possible to buy a "serial port splitter" so you can plug
> two devices into one port (though obviously you can only use one or the
> other at any one time)?

still brings the plug socket problem and the trouble with the serial ports
isnt the number of them, its tha fact that on the mobo im using, they don't
work... I have a ye `olde ISA card (serial, disk, parrael..) in there to
provide a port but the number of HDLC error's i get isnt all that funny...

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