Southern regional get-together - Friday September 1, 2000

John O'Farrell john at
Thu Aug 10 12:12:59 BST 2000

Hi Neil,

No objections, violent or otherwise :-)
Congratulations on your patience with all this.


Neil Ford wrote:
> Seeing as the concensus of opinion was that later in the week was best for most
> people and at least on possible attendee is away on holiday for some of the
> originally suggested period, I've decided to settle on a date and see who
> comes.
> So, the confirmed date is now Friday, September 1.
> Location is to be Brighton, details of the venue will be forthcoming as soon as
> I've had a chance to chat with Joe about our options.
> To allow for travelling time and in order to hopefully avoid the clubbing crowd
> that will enevitably be in Brighton on a Friday night I would suggest a start
> time of around 7:00pm.
> Any violent objections, please speak now.
> Neil.
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