Southern regional get-together - Friday September 1, 2000

Neil Ford neil at
Thu Aug 10 11:35:31 BST 2000

Seeing as the concensus of opinion was that later in the week was best for most
people and at least on possible attendee is away on holiday for some of the
originally suggested period, I've decided to settle on a date and see who

So, the confirmed date is now Friday, September 1.

Location is to be Brighton, details of the venue will be forthcoming as soon as
I've had a chance to chat with Joe about our options.

To allow for travelling time and in order to hopefully avoid the clubbing crowd
that will enevitably be in Brighton on a Friday night I would suggest a start
time of around 7:00pm.

Any violent objections, please speak now.

Neil C. Ford
neil at / neil at
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