Promise IDE controllers?

Jonathan Belson jon at
Thu Aug 10 09:43:18 BST 2000

 I just purchased a nice 20Gig drive to stick in my Pentium Pro
server.  I went through the normal procedure to install 4.1
on it and everything went swimmingly.
 The problem came when I tried to boot off the new drive - the
stupid BIOS on my motherboard (QD600) won't recognise drives
bigger than 8Gigs and hangs on after printing the ID string.
The company who made the board aren;t producing BIOS updates
for it any more.
 THe only options I see are to use a boot floppy (tedious), use
a small 'bootstrap' drive or buy a Promise IDE controller and
attach the drive to that.
 That brings me to my question - can anyone confirm which models
work with FreeBSD?  The 4.0 release notes said that Promise
cards are supported, but my 'supported' Mylex DAC960 RAID controller
causes FreeBSD to reboot continually.

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