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Wed Aug 9 16:27:24 BST 2000

On Tue, 8 Aug 2000 18:38:35 +0000, Nik Clayton said:

> Hi guys,
>  Anyone fancy working a BSD booth at a tradeshow?
But of course.... :-)

>  I've got my hat on at this point.  
>  As I said at the user group meeting last month, BSDi are looking to involve 
>  people in the user group, and to make it easier (for those group members 
>  that want to) for them to promote BSD.
>  One of the ways we want to do this is through tradeshows.  Some of this 
>  might involve sponsoring a booth for the user group (if that's what people
>  want, and we can find people to volunteer to run it).  We're thinking about
>  this for ApacheCon, so if anyone's interested in this (and would volunteer
>  to do some organising) then drop me a line.
Ahhh.... the one event I can't make :-( Unfortunately that week is my last week
at work and when we are due to rip everything out and I need to be on sight. If
that wasn't the case I'd have been happy to help out.
>  However, there are going to be some tradeshows at which  we won't have a 
>  huge BSDi presence.  This might be because there's little opportunity for
>  BSDi (corporate) to promote itself, or where the expected visitors are 
>  unlikely to be BSDi customers (for example).  However, it's still appropriate
>  to have a BSD presence of some sort.
>  Where this is the case, would people be interested in volunteering to help
>  run a BSD booth (or stand, or whatever).
>  [ *None* of the following is set in stone -- it's hypothetical, and I'm 
>    looking for feedback. ]
>  Suppose, for example, the a show ran for three days.  If you were to 
>  volunteer to assist at the show then you'd get a half day's training 
>  beforehand.  Then you'd be expected to 'work' the show for 2 of the days,
>  and the other day would be yours to attend the show as normal.  There'd be 
>  the usual giveaways (t-shirts (probably 'limited edition' ("BSD ApacheCon
>  Booth Crew 2000". . .)), posters, horns, that sort of thing), and your show 
>  fees and food/drink expenses would be covered.
>  Thoughts?  Is there anything missing from the above that you'd expect to
>  see, or are you surprised by the inclusion of something?
Those kind of rates are in my opinion fair and reasonable. I've worked and have
organised work for booths where the terms were far less generous.

>  I'm one of those people that actually like working the booths at shows, 
>  which is why it's structured the way it is.  Meeting other members (and 
>  potential members) of the community at shows is the main reason (and, at 
>  the risk of sounding cheesy, "is it's own reward") I do it.
Add to that, where appropriate, an ideal opportunity to meet potential clients

>  I'm aware that some people might want to view this as "Aiee, evil BSDi
>  are trying to exploit the user group to get cheap labour".  There's not a
>  lot I can do to combat that, except reiterate that this is about community
>  building, and I'm still *very* much a member of the FreeBSD community.
As you have said throught out Nik, you are looking for 'volunteers', so if
people don't think it's fair they won't volunteer. Likewise, thoise that do
shouldn't be accused of selling out.  If at any point someone felt they were
being taken advantage of they could always stop.

So apart from Apachecon, any ideas when you might need people?

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