Regional Meetings ?!

Steve Roome steve at
Tue Aug 8 12:50:21 BST 2000

At (apparently) 10:55:56 BST on 9 Aug 2000, Neil Ford wrote :
> I'll be honest, getting half a dozen people, mid-week during the holiday season
> I'll consider an
> achievement. If that's all we're still getting in 6 months time then I will be
> disappointed. But hopefully
> by then we'll have had another conference and hopefully an informal gathering
> too and they should
> increase interest.

I just see midweek alone being a huge pain!

If it was on a Friday I'd take Friday off, which is often a half day
for a lot of folks anyway, no rush to get back, and can leave Thursday
night if it's a long[ish] journey.

I think these things can be rated on how quickly everyone goes
home. That is, if people stay around for a meal, it's a success!

With a Midweek meet, some will be trying to get home for work the next
day, which implies quite probably no evening meal and no drinks.

Newcomers ought to feel properly welcomed and good chances for
everyone to practice their social interactions (without keyboards)
don't come round too often. So, here's me pleading for a Friday
meeting, where we can let the pace ease off and digress in the
evening. Instead of us all driving home in a fit mumbling about work
the next day!


P.S. Then again, midweek is certainly a challenge, is that the plan?!

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