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Neil Ford neil at
Wed Aug 9 10:55:56 BST 2000

Thanks for the support Tony.

I'll be honest, getting half a dozen people, mid-week during the holiday season
I'll consider an
achievement. If that's all we're still getting in 6 months time then I will be
disappointed. But hopefully
by then we'll have had another conference and hopefully an informal gathering
too and they should
increase interest.

An event report (with photos hopefully) will be forthcoming. The thought of a
load of people sitting
down to a meal wearing demon horns is just *too* funny :-)


On Tue, 8 Aug 2000 01:32:13 +0100, tony said:

> Hello group, come on , support this event, Ok, its kinda
>  down South But, thats not to far to travel for many people
>  in the south of England region, come on, support it.
>  Without support meetings will be kinda one way, the whole
>  group can benefit from your outcome.
>  Im sure the South of England region can do better than half
>  a dozen attendees...
>  Good luck Neil. you kinda think at times your actually
>  charging big bucks for trying..., or pulling teeth out at
>  the same gathering...
>  Tony Watson. Newcastle.
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