cable modem

Richard Smith rdls at
Sun Aug 6 19:38:56 BST 2000

gabi veneat wrote:
> please help me with some sugestions about how to configure a gateway
> we have two weeks of trial with a new isp at work and he will come with
> the cable next week so until then i have to put up a gateway .
> they gave me a lanCITY (LCPET-2) cable modem  one ip and and another ip
> for dns.
> (shouldn't be a third one for the gateway ?)

I don't know much about cable modems, however, unless it uses DHCP, I
agree that you will need an IP for the "defaultgateway" entry in

> I installed FreeBSD 4.1 added another ethernet card on an available
> computer,
> assigned the ip that the isp gave it to me on ed0  and another ip from
> our C class network on ed1

You'll want to set gateway_enable="YES" in your rc.conf. And your'll
probably need to run natd. See "man natd", but basically set
natd_enable="YES", and natd_interface and natd_flags to something
sensible, in rc.conf.

Hope this helps,

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