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Lee Johnston lee at
Thu Aug 3 13:42:30 BST 2000

Hiya David,

You could use NameVirtualHost in Apache for hosting the two sites on one
server with one IP, but I dont think you can have one IP address for two

If you do want to use the Name based Virtual Hosting in Apache, something
like this should do (replacing with your IP) in httpd.conf:


DocumentRoot /usr/local/www/uk-site
ServerAlias *

DocumentRoot /usr/local/www/aud-site
ServerAlias *

Hope this helps,


On Thu, Aug 03, 2000 at 11:16:45AM +0100, David Richards wrote:
> hi
>     is it possible to have two machine with the same ip address ? we have
> two domains and was wondering if i could run servers for the
> on one and on another one ?
> we are limited to one 1 ip address and for us to get more ip address costs
> about 1000 quid + vat. Yeah dont worry, we are moving our leased line to
> another isp.
> regards 
> david richards
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