TV card problems

Roger Hardiman roger at
Thu Aug 3 10:10:50 BST 2000


When there are FXTV menus on the screen, the bktr driver
writes video into a buffer which fxtv has access to via mmap.
FXTV then display the image as an X11 bitmap.

Then there are no menus on FXTV, and the FXTV window is not
partly cover by another window, the bktr driver
writes the video image straight into
your video card.

The line you see shows there is a problem with the direct
DMA writes from the bt878 to your video card.
Perhaps your video card cannot accept large blocks of
data in one go.

Or perhaps your motherboard chipset cannot handle the
bt878 owning the PCI bus for the duration of one video scan
line and causes a glitch halfway through the DMA transfer.

Can you tell me which VGA card you have and the chipset
on your motherboard and the CPU you have.


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