TV card problems

Mark Ovens marko at
Wed Aug 2 23:00:40 BST 2000

On Tue, Aug 01, 2000 at 10:38:48PM +0100, Ben Smithurst wrote:
> Jonathan Belson wrote:
> > I was planning to [re]write a new frontend for fxtv using qt, since the
> > current one is ugly and a pain to use.
> Easy access to the brightness and contrast controls would be nice.
> > Haven't had time to actually write any code yet but I Plan To Soon.
> Can you make it so the full screen mode actually uses the full screen?
> :-) Fxtv at the moment seems to be offset a bit down and to the right.

That sounds more like your monitor. If your change video modes the
size/position usually changes to a greater or lesser extent.

> (128KB)
> Perhaps I'll look at the fxtv code and see what I can do...
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