Newbie: Installing HTML::Table module

Steve Greenshaw steve at
Wed Aug 2 21:22:36 BST 2000

Try getting the tarball on to your FreeBSD system and extracting it there.

I generally have an 'install' directory that I create (i.e.
'/usr/local/install') where I would place the tarball. Change to that
directory and type:

tar xvfz HTML-Table-1.03.tar.gz

This will extract the files into a directory (probably called
'HTML-Table-1.03'). You can now delete the tarball 'HTML-Table-1.03.tar.gz'
if you want. Now 'CD' into the 'HTML-Table-1.03' directory. Install should
be a piece of cake from there ... just make sure you read any 'README'


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I have downloaded the module HTML-Table-1.03.tar.gz from CPAN.
Having extracted it under Windows, I copied the contained files
to a DOS floppy, from there to /dos on my FreeBSD PC
(not yet Internet-ready) and then ran:
perl Makefile.PL
Make test
Make install

But got error messages:
Cannot  create blib/man3/HTML::Table.3 error22
Cannot install blib/man3/HTML::Table.3

Is this because I need to be installing from a different directory
Or because I extract the tarball under Windows?

If I were to install from the tarball under FreeBSD what would I do?

Thanks for any help.

PS Perl is working fine otherwise

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