Desktop PC - recommendations sought

Serge @ Intraforum serge at
Wed Aug 2 13:30:09 BST 2000

At 10:42 02/08/00, you wrote:
>Nik Clayton <nik at> wrote:
> > Anything with an ASUS motherboard.  Sworn by them (instead of at them)=
> > over six years now.
>ASUS get my vote too.

Also, Supermicro P6SBU BX PIII U2W ATX motherboard works like a dream=20
(there's on-board SCSI U2W interface so you don't need any SCSI card) ..=20
available from Simply Computers,, for =A3232 + VAT=
(=A3272.60), Simply Cat. No. MB1613 (strange, I remember it was =A3209 + VAT=
when I bought it from Simply in February).


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