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Wed Aug 2 13:17:42 BST 2000

On Wed, Aug 02, 2000 at 12:36:41PM +0100, dan.c wrote:
> Hi
> firstly hi to all!
> im new to FreeBSD (although been using linux for 5 or so years now)
> i have just done a fresh install of 4.1 via ftp and one thing i wonder and 
> cant seem to find is a port or package for sendmail, does one exist? yeah i 
> know its the ultimate rootkit, but its needed on this box
> cheers for any help in advance

If you've done a standard install then Sendmail should be installed as part of
the base installation.

ps -aux | grep sendmail will tell you if it's running. I'll be very surprised
it's not.

Of course, people on here will tell you to replace it with Postfix/Exim/qmail
dependant on their 'religious' bent. Personally I use Postfix as the port
includes a 'make replace' option which nicely replaces sendmail and the 
configuration files anre nicer to get on with (IMHO).

Neil Ford
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