TV card problems

Jonathan Belson jon at
Tue Aug 1 12:13:28 BST 2000

> Roger Hardiman wrote:

> ok.  Hopefully, just two more minor things now.  Both rather annoying but
> they look like bugs in fxtv since if I resize the window slightly they
> go away.

I was planning to [re]write a new frontend for fxtv using qt, since the
current one is ugly and a pain to use.  Haven't had time to actually
write any code yet but I Plan To Soon.

> First, sometimes fxtv doesn't redraw a column of pixels down the middle
> of the screen.  Second, fxtv seems to only redraw every other row of
> pixels, which can give a rather odd image.  With any luck you can see

I've had this second one before.  I've also had a problem with the
mode where I get a knackered display and have to quit X to recover.

> what I main (as well as the crap reception I get) at

Does Ozzy wear a wig?  That's a pretty good head of hair for someone
of his vintage.


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