Multipul ppp connections to different isp's

Ian MacDonald ian at
Sun Apr 30 19:41:21 BST 2000

Is it possible to "load balance" across 2 or more modems to different isp's
(e.g. freeserve, freenetname etc). I have had a look pack trough past FBSD
mailing lists but the only things I could find were use ospf (not likely) or
use mpd (which does not support multiple peers).

What I can do is dial up both isp's and change the default route by hand and
it will change the route the packets take. The only problem is that if the
packets go out on one connection (quite rightly) they must come pack in on
that connection. This is fine for ping and stateless connections but will
not ahndle ftp etc.

Has anyone got any ideas on this.

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