UKUG Meeting: Newcastle, 29th April

Paul Richards paul at
Fri Apr 28 19:04:37 BST 2000

Lee Johnston wrote:
> Hi all,
> Just to confirm everything about the upcoming meeting on Saturday...
> We are meeting at around 6pm (6pm-6:30pm) in the Central Station,
> in Newcastle. If we meet under the big information board, outside the
> information centre, most people should beable to find it.

Umm, I've deleted the email that had the arrangements for meeting at
Kings Cross. Can someone remind me?

Any info on whether we can drop off bags and laptops etc? I don't fancy
carting a sleeping bag and laptop around Newcastle on a Saturday night.

> We have room for quite a few people for sleeping bag type
> accommodation, for those who can bring a sleeping bag.

I guess that's going to mean a floor isn't it. I vowed I was going to
stop doing that sort of thing when I passed 30 :-)


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