ADSL in UK finally !

Fraser G Heath fraser.heath at
Fri Apr 28 17:47:03 BST 2000

I contacted BT and they say you can run servers over ADSL if you wish but
you must provide your own static IP addresses...they are currently looking
into making this more of a "feature" later on in the buisness package, but
just now, as long as you have your own IP to work with it can be done.


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> "alex at" <alex at> wrote:
> > > And the fact that you can't run "servers" i.e. any open TCP sockets.
> > > So apart from not having a local Apache, no ftp, no smtp, no telnet,
> > > no ssh, ...
> And this is simply because (in the consumer version at least) BT's
> implementation uses NAT.  I don't know if any of the business
> solutions differ.
> -Paul-
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