ADSL in UK finally !

Michael Michael
Fri Apr 28 17:19:05 BST 2000

Alex mentioned the "the dream of ADSL"

I guess some people's dreams are other's nightmares.  See,1282,35530,00.html

Not only is the problem described unpleasant, but the remedy sounds horibly
like the "winmodem" approach.  I'm also unhappy about the "A" in ADSL, it
makes the assumption that the general public will be consumers of commercial
content and not be content providers.

For those that want a quick quote, here's the first part of the article -

"Because of a myriad of standards and lack of compatibility between consumer
products and telecom equipment, getting DSL installed generally requires
buying both the hardware and service from the same company.

And even after paying for the external DSL modem and its installation,
consumers frequently must make repeated tech support calls to get the
equipment to work.

"(DSL) is in the painful growing stage, similar to what happened with analog
modems a few years ago when there were competing technologies," said Michael
Tramontano, Motorola's marketing director.

Motorola demonstrated softDSL, technology that uses the computer's CPU
instead of fixed-function DSL devices, which can cost more than $200, and
may only work with a specific telecom carrier. SoftDSL-enabled PCs will be
software upgradeable, so if you buy a new computer and can't connect to your
DSL carrier, you can download a patch.

Tramontano warned that DSL will be in a state of flux for the foreseeable
future -- similar to analog modems which featured faster speeds and new
features almost every year -- often requiring costly hardware upgrades. He
said SoftDSL should help minimize some of the headaches as the DSL standards
shakeout occurs over the next few years...."

Michael Saunby

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