ADSL in UK finally !

alex at alex at
Thu Apr 27 18:44:40 BST 2000

Duncan Barclay <dmlb at> wrote :


> > I've just received this email from BT. It looks like the dream of
> > ADSL is getting closer to reality. 
> > 
> > The only thing that is worrying me is the fact that they require
> > Microsoft's OS and free USB slot for their modem. What worries me is
> > if the modem will be supported under FreeBSD.
> >
> And the fact that you can't run "servers" i.e. any open TCP sockets. 
> So apart from not having a local Apache, no ftp, no smtp, no telnet, 
> no ssh, ...
> This site will help you find out exactly what they are offering.

Thank you for the URL.


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