ADSL in UK finally !

daniel lawrence danny at
Thu Apr 27 16:16:10 BST 2000

On Thu, Apr 27, 2000 at 03:18:11PM +0100, alex at wrote:
> Hi,
> I've just received this email from BT. It looks like the dream of ADSL
> is getting closer to reality.
> The only thing that is worrying me is the fact that they require
> Microsoft's OS and free USB slot for their modem. What worries me is
> if the modem will be supported under FreeBSD.
> If any of you have any ideas/thoughts about this I would glad if you
> could share them.

I was told by a tech at BT that we have a choice of USB or a regular ethern=
presentation. He said they run DHCP and that in principle BSD would work, b=
it hasn't been tested. They were very reluctant even to let me sign up unle=
ss I
was running Windows.

> Thank you,
> -Alex
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> Highlights of our BTopenworld press announcements include:
> 7 There are BTopenworld packages for consumers and small businesses (both
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> 7 BTopenworld will provide always on Internet access and a range of highly
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>   starting from #39.99 (inc VAT).
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n the
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ent is
>   required at this stage.
> We are currently rolling out BTopenworld across the UK, however we still =
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