ADSL in UK finally !

alex at alex at
Thu Apr 27 15:18:11 BST 2000


I've just received this email from BT. It looks like the dream of ADSL
is getting closer to reality.=20

The only thing that is worrying me is the fact that they require
Microsoft's OS and free USB slot for their modem. What worries me is
if the modem will be supported under FreeBSD.

If any of you have any ideas/thoughts about this I would glad if you
could share them.

Thank you,


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Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 10:07:50 "GMT"
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Subject: BTopenworld announcement =16 pre-order now!

As promised, we=12re pleased to give you the latest news on the launch plan=
for BTopenworld =16 BT=12s new broadband portal and high-speed Internet ser=
using ADSL technology.  In addition, you can be among the first to pre-orde=
and take advantage of BT=12s free installation offer.=20

Highlights of our BTopenworld press announcements include:=20

7 There are BTopenworld packages for consumers and small businesses (both=
  single and multi-user options). All featuring 512Kbps download speed.=20

7 BTopenworld will provide always on Internet access and a range of highly=
  personalised, content-rich and interactive applications with monthly char=
  starting from #39.99 (inc VAT).=20

7 More than 50 content partners have signed up, including Carlton Online,=
  CNN,, Extreme Sports Channel, and and more in =
  pipeline.  Go to to find out more.=20

7 Pre-order before 30 June 2000 and get free BTopenworld installation on=20
  consumer and business single user packages. (Normal installation charge #=
  To pre-order fill in the form available at, no paymen=
t is=20
  required at this stage.=20

We are currently rolling out BTopenworld across the UK, however we still ha=
some work to do, and installation is subject to survey. Please see the webs=
for more details on when we will be rolling it out to your area, and be sur=
e to=20
pre-order now if you would like to be among the first to enjoy BTopenworld!=

If you no longer wish to receive emails from the BTopenworld team at this=
address with information on the launch of ADSL, please reply to this email=
with do not mail in the title.=20

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