UKUG Meeting: Newcastle, 29th April

Lee Johnston lee at
Wed Apr 26 23:24:43 BST 2000

Hi all,

Just to confirm everything about the upcoming meeting on Saturday...

We are meeting at around 6pm (6pm-6:30pm) in the Central Station,
in Newcastle. If we meet under the big information board, outside the
information centre, most people should beable to find it.

We've booked a meal at a local Curry House for 8:30pm, this gives
us time to go to a bar/etc for a short talk before going for a meal.

We have room for quite a few people for sleeping bag type
accommodation, for those who can bring a sleeping bag.

If you have any queries please contact me on (01207) 542-592 or
(07901) 634-812 ASAP. My current e-mail account is down, until
we can resolve a server problem. I can still post messages and read
the list though.



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