Installation Error

Steve Greenshaw steve at
Tue Apr 25 14:56:10 BST 2000

Hi all,

Whilst trying to install 3.4 I keep on getting this error:

'Error mounting /mnt/dev/da0s1f on /mnt/usr : Invalid argument'

Could anybody offer me any help?

I'm trying to install on a twin CPU board with 64Mb RAM, 1 x 8Gb SCSI, a
CD drive as a Secondary Master. No Primary master (although I get the
same error with the CD as Primary master) and an NE2000 PCI NIC.

The only other version of FreeBSD I've used was 2.2.5 and never
encountered anything like this before. Having said that, I've never
tried a twin processor job before. Could that cause a problem?



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