Setting up multiple FreeBSD machines

Richard Smith rdls at
Mon Apr 17 14:37:55 BST 2000

adam.3.brown at wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been using FreeBSD since January and I will shortly have to set up 60
> FreeBSD machines from scratch. I would like to get any opinions/instructions
> on the best or easiest way to do this. I have considered creating a local
> mirror and then doing a ftp install across the LAN, but I am unsure exactly
> how to do this. If there is a better way or someone could point me towards
> some instructions on how to create a mirror I would greatly appretiate it.

FTP install across a LAN is painless. You will need to create a boot
floppy pair, then one of the sysinstall options is to install over FTP
(by URL). You can use a numeric IP address at this point, if you don't
have DNS on the LAN. If the FTP server does not accept anonymous logins,
you can configure a login name and password in the options menu. You
will then be invited to configure the NIC.

The path you provide as an FTP URL should be the directory above the
release directory, that is the one containing the directory 3.4-RELEASE
(if you were using 3.4 boot floppies). The directory 3.4-RELEASE should
contain (or can be) the contents of CD #1.

There are other levels of automation you can go to, but this is the
easiest, IMHO.


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