Setting up multiple FreeBSD machines

adam.3.brown at adam.3.brown at
Mon Apr 17 13:41:23 BST 2000


>Will these be 'user' machines or 'server' machines.

They will be both, but its the 'user' ones I want to find a quick and easy
way to install as they will all have exactly the same configuration  bar
their IP addresses and machine names.

>It would make a great press release that BT are using
>FreeBSD for some of their core business.

I must point out that this is for research purposes only and will not be
used on any live system.

>I'll ask my collegue how she duplicates disks.
>I know Doug Rabson made a PicoBSD disk which you
>can use to boot up each new machine and let format
>the hard drive and install the machine from
>a central tar file on an FTP server.

Thanks for the help - any further information would be much appreciated



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