Sound driver configuration under FreeBSD 4.0-RELEASE

Richard J. Pontefract rjp at
Wed Apr 12 21:42:03 BST 2000


I have recently installed 4.0-RELEASE and am trying to get my head around
the sound driver configuration.  I am trying to configure an ISA pnp
soundblaster AWE32.  Under 3.4-RELEASE I used the voxware drivers, the pnp
kernel config entry and the pnp commands in user config and all was well.

It all seems to have changed a bit with 4.0.  Firstly I am told that the
voxware drivers are deprecated.  I'm sure the PCM driver with bridge drivers
is a far better way to go than the voxware driver, but the voxware driver
supported my card - dsp, midi, wavetable - the lot.  Secondly, the pnp stuff
seems to be mandatory and not configurable any more.  No more pnp commands
in user config but the man page for pnp seems to think that the pnp commands
are still available in boot -c user config.  If they are, I couldn't find

Any advice on how to get this working properly, i.e. without messages about
unknown0: <ide controller> .. and the like appearing would be appreciated.
I am probably missing something obvious here, but it's too obvious for me to

Thanks in advance.


Richard J. Pontefract
email: rjp at

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