Strange Problem 2

Mark Ovens mark at
Tue Apr 11 23:18:00 BST 2000

On Tue, Apr 11, 2000 at 10:20:15AM +0100, Simon Clayton wrote:
> OK, next - I have just bought FreeBSD 4.0 and am trying to install
> it on an AMD Athlon 600, 128Mb RAM, Voodoo3 3000 etc.  Either trying
> to boot from CD or boot floppies it hangs after 
> 	BTX loader 1.00 BTX version is 1.01

Is anything else displayed? Such as

	    keyboard: no

There have been reports, on -questions, about some Athlon m/b BIOSes
not setting the extended keyboard bit so the keyboard probe is looking
for an 84-key keyboard, doesn't find one (I can't imagine you are
actually using one :)), so FreeBSD tries to use a serial console
instead (so it isn't hung, it;s just sending output to a non-existent

Some people have reported that switching the NumLock on fixes the

> I have also tried the FreeBSD 3.2 CD but get the same problem - does
> anyone know if there is a problem with Athlons?
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