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Brian Somers brian at
Tue Apr 11 09:40:40 BST 2000


Any chance of an update on what the current numbers are (this is 
*really* a reminder to *please* let Lee know ASAP) ?


> Hiya,
> I really need to get numbers in for the Newcastle meet... So far I have
> Brian Somers, Nik Clayton as definates. I know a lot more of you are interested
> in coming, so if you could just email me and say you are going.
> For those who don't know about the meet, it will be on Saturday 29th April,
> in Newcastle. The likelyhood is that it'll be a beer & curry event (any
> objections, please voice them now!). A friend and myself are willing to
> help out for accomdation for the Saturday night.
> If you require more information, please dont hesitate to contact me using
> the information in my signature.
> Regards,
> Lee.
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