xfmail 1.3 and 'async_gethostbynmame'

Duncan Barclay dmlb
Wed Sep 29 14:44:15 BST 1999

> My configuration of FreeBSD 3.2 continues..
> However, whenever xfmail starts up, it tries to do an
> 'async_gethostbyname' on 'viewport.f9.co.uk', which is the name of
> my local machine, as set during the system installation. Suffice it
> to say that it never did that before under 2.2.7 (on my old disk).

Do you run a local DNS server. Doing so will ease a lot of these 
sorts of problems. It helps if your hostname (set in rc.conf) is of 
your own choosing under a fake domain name. Set up your DNS to be a 
master for the fake domain.

Then, configure the  email software to masquarade as your f9 

I use this set up with xfmail as an email client to a local IMAP 
server and exim as the MTA.


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