Sound cards

Richard Smith richard
Wed Sep 29 11:08:03 BST 1999

Andrew Dennis wrote:
> I thought I had successfully included support for a Sound Blaster Pro (or
> whatever the compatible card is in my laptop), however there appear to be a
> couple of things wrong:
> 1) there isn't a dsp in /dev
> 2) I get this message when booting:
>     NOTE! SB Pro support required with your soundcard!

You may have configured your kernel with sb0 support but not the sbxvi0
support (the latter being required for SB16 - with a 16bit DMA).

If, like me, you have a fairly new SB16 PnP, the second DMA channel is
8-bit also, which is not supported by the sbxvi0 device, so I use the
pcm0 device quite successfully.

See `man pcm' for details of how to construct the correct files within
/dev. IIRC, the symbolic links mentioned are now constructed


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