How do I mount a 2nd IDE hard disk FreeBSD partition?

Sheldon Hearn sheldonh
Wed Sep 29 01:50:48 BST 1999

On Wed, 29 Sep 1999 01:17:14 +0100, David Marsh wrote:

> My new disk appears as wd0 wdc0  
> (What's the difference? I'm afraid I'm really confused by these things
> referring to almost(?) the same thing with scarily similar names?)

Yep, wd0 is a disk managed by the wdc0 controller.

> My old disk appears as wd2  wcd1 (I *think*!)

Probably wd2 on wdc1.

> I think that mount -r /dev/wd2s2a /mnt is the right mount-point???

Hmmm. What you really need to do is boot up the old drive and look at
its fstab. Oh, and write them down! ;-)

Each partition in there can be translated for the mount command as

	When used to boot:	When mounting:
	wd0sXY			wd2sXY

So if indeed you find that your root partition on the old drive's fstab
is given as wd2s2a (I'd have expected wd2s1a), then the mount command
required once you've booted off the new drive is:

	mount -r /dev/wd2s2a

> but there doesn't seem to be a /dev/wd2s2a on my new 3.2
> system (only wd2s2, IIRC).  Is this right, and if so, how do I go about
> making the right device?

Ha! :-)

	cd /dev
	./MAKEDEV wd2

> Plus being the end of a long evening trying to get this install to work,
> doesn't help... :-(

Anyone who can't understand what that's like probably isn't worth
listening to in any case. ;-)

Have fun!


PS: Try to post each message to no more than one mailing list, for
    various reasons I'm too lazy to explain right now.

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