Using ntpdate(8) and UK time servers

Jose Marques noway
Tue Sep 28 18:57:41 BST 1999

On Tue, 28 Sep 1999, Dominic Mitchell wrote:

> > Incidentally, some people have implied running PPP as root is a bad
> > idea. Why? I always have, with no problems that I've noticed.
> Personally, I just find it easier to be able to do "ppp" in a script,
> rather than ask for passwords with sudo and so on.  It's a convenience
> thing.  I did run it as root for a long time, however, with zero
> problems, just tired fingers.

I find kernel ppp is quite convenient.  All I have to type is "pppd call
<isp>" as an ordinary user and everything is done for me.  I have a little
python script that gets run from ip-up/down.  It reads a configuration
file that lists commands that should be started or stopped for each of the
ISPs that I connect to.

Jose Marques

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