BSD and Linux vs MS

mike at Chook.Demon.Co.UK mike
Tue Sep 28 12:53:13 BST 1999

On 28 September 1999 11:57, Freddy Sjauw-En-Wa 
[SMTP:FreddyS at] wrote:
> My personal view is that if we can get an alternative to the OS of MS, I
> cannot move away from the business suite, we can have a push forward on
> visibility of FreeBSD and move in front of Linux as such. The MS Office
> suite I find very neat and working within the set limits, no issues 
there. I
> am not going to start a new OS war here, but I want to be able to run the 
> office suite on FreeBSD.
> Can we work on this?

My personal view is "why bother?" Ultimately the entire software industry 
will vanish, it is after all simply a stopgap while the development of 
proper computing hardware is completed.  If you don't believe me consider 
the software used by organic computers, e.g. human brain, the same software 
kernel (DNA) and hardware is capable of adapting quickly to immediate 
threats after some fairly simple programming (boo!)  and more slowly to 
developmental and environmental needs, learning, language, practical 
skills, philosophy, etc.  The brains used by our distant ancestors and by 
every living tribe (MS, Linux, FreeBSD, politicians, teachers, footballers) 
are almost identical, so once we've got the hardware sorted out we can just 
forget about it and get on with life once more.

Producing computer software won't even be a worthwhile way of making a 
living by the time most folks on this list retire.  Get out now, it's not 
worth the trouble.

Michael Saunby

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