Using ntpdate(8) and UK time servers

David Marsh drmarsh
Mon Sep 27 13:50:20 BST 1999

On 26-Sep-99, Mark Ovens wrote:
> 2 quick questions. Where is there a list of ntp servers in the UK   is a great site.

They have a page on Publc NTP Time Servers at:

..which contained a fair few in the UK last time I checked.

> and is using ntpdate(8) as simple as adding
>       bg ntpdate <URL of ntp server>
> to /etc/ppp/ppp.linkup so that my PC's clock is synch'd every time
> I dial my ISP.

oops, I would have thought so, but others obviously know better than me :-)
(But then, I run ppp as root (bad me!), because I'm a little out of date,
and I don't think I can get 'allow users' to work. I'm going to go out and
buy a big new hard disk this afternoon, and then update from 2.2.7 to 3.2,
so if you don't all hear from me within a week, you'll know something nasty
happened.. :-( )


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