Querying on mirroring FreeBSD Web and FTP sites in UK academic site.

Josef Karthauser joe
Thu Sep 23 18:14:56 BST 1999

On Thu, Sep 23, 1999 at 05:25:22PM +0100, Lachlan Cranswick wrote:
> Hi,
> (a resend hopefully to a more appropriate list)
> To promote FreeBSD around here for hacker resistant servers (crystallographic 
> and scientific labs mainly) I would like to create a mirror of the FreeBSD 
> web and ftp sites.  (my server at the moment is an SGI running IRIX 6.5.x)
>    freebsd.ccp14.ac.uk  (also aliased to freebsd.dl.ac.uk)

Ok, t'would be nicer if it was a FreeBSD machine :).
> I have found the web-based mirrored information but cannot
> seem to find the ftp based mirroring information.  Is doing
> FTP based mirroring of the FTP site considered sociable or
> is there a page describing this as well?

Feel free to mirror from ftp.uk.freebsd.org if you wish, with a not
antisocial update frequency.

> Also:
> Would it be possible that the Website (and hopefully the
> FTP site) could also be mirrorable using the RSYNC program 
> which only needs a C compiler to get going.  (My web-server 
> at the moment is an SGI O2 and previous experiences 
> with Modula and IRIX have not been positive)

I used to pull the FreeBSD UK Web mirror with rsync, but that
was switched off a while ago and replaced with cvsup.  I suppose
you could use anonymous cvs to pull off anoncvs.freebsd.org.
Can you compile the 'cvs' program on your server?

Does anyone know whether the /www tree is available with anoncvs?

> PS:  Have written some pages on FreeBSD at:
>    Creating Highly Secure Crystallographic network/internet 
>     servers using the freely available BSD UNIX(s) for PC
>  http://www.ccp14.ac.uk/solution/bsdunix/
> The FreeBSD install and configuration is definitely top stuff
> compared to other UNIXs.  

This site is great - Lee a link from the ukug web site wouldn't
go amiss, maybe a new section for uk freebsd sites?
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