'RPC transaction timed out' error on clients

Josef Karthauser joe
Thu Sep 23 18:01:18 BST 1999

On Thu, Sep 23, 1999 at 05:12:31PM +0100, Dr R D Gidden wrote:
> We are running 2.1.5 (old!!) on our school file server
> and it has suddenly started giving errors to users logging 
> on from Acorns with Omniclient I with the error shown on 
> the client machine as in the Subject: line.  I believe 
> Omniclient is a samba client (?)
> PC's do not seem to be affected, nor do Acorns *already* 
> logged on - "RPC communication failed on mount" for users 
> wanting to log on afresh - I'm having to reboot the file 
> server nearly as much as W95 ;-) as I have no idea which 
> process on the file server is falling over - so that I 
> might kill -1 <PID>.  ps -aux gives a reasonable looking 
> list both before and after the happening.
> Help gratefully received!
> Bob.

Hi Bob,

First thing to check is whether the machine has run out of disk
space?  What does a 'df' command tell you?

Next run 'top'.  Are there any processes running that you don't
recognise, or that appear to be using more processor than you
would expect?

Are there any messages in the /var/log/messages file?

If you want me to log in and take a look please give me a call on
0403 596893.  I'm here for the next hour or so.

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