Regards X windows problems

Richard Smith richard
Thu Sep 23 15:13:55 BST 1999

Ben Cuthbert wrote:
> I have install FreeBSD 3.2
> and the Xwindows did not go so well.
> Can someone tell me if there is a command that i can use
> that will just let me try and set the Xwindows
> like linux's  xconfigurator.

First you need to configure the graphics card / display / keyboard /
mouse, and create a `/etc/XF86Config' file. This can be done using
`xf86config' or `XF86Setup', the latter command is graphical, but the
former command works best for me.

You may need to set up the symbolic link `/usr/X11R6/bin/X' to point to
your X server:

	cd /usr/X11R6/bin && ln -s XF86_SVGA X

You also need to install a window manager, and mention it in your
`~/.xinitrc' file, then you can start X using the `xinit' command.

Any questions?


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