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Thu Sep 2 16:16:30 BST 1999

On 02 September 1999 14:53, P.A.Osborne [SMTP:P.A.Osborne at] wrote:


> Agreed,  particularly if it can be demonstrated that FreeBSD is out there 
> that for the entrepreneurs (sp?) a BSDish licence is probably a better 
> than the GNU licence.
> No dont start a flame war there is enough of that on the newsgroups,  but 
> couple of subtle hints should be enough for the sharp minded readers.

I'd tend to agree with you, in part because it never fails to amaze me how 
narrow a world view many entrepreneurs have - but don't get me started on 
that.  Though like you suggest they're bright people and wouldn't need the 
difference to be spelled out in detail.  In most cases they're very 
reluctant to loose ownership of anything (even a penny) so FreeBSD is just 
the thing.

Perhaps it's something for the history article again, FreeBSD grew up in a 
different legal and political environment, not better, not worse, just 

Michael Saunby

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