FreeBSD Articles for new LINUX ANSWERS magazine

P.A.Osborne P.A.Osborne
Thu Sep 2 14:52:52 BST 1999

<snipped a bit>

>   Free software is now important because it has a measurable market share.

Somewhat off topic and havent seen anyone mention on this group but Sun
now own Star Divsion.  Going to now auto redirects to
Sun.... perhaps Sun are prepared to throw some more money at free software.

<back to the thread>

> The great strength of FreeBSD is that the product is solid, so any exposure 
> is likely to gain users, and if the support is in place it will most likely 
> keep them.

Agreed,  particularly if it can be demonstrated that FreeBSD is out there and
that for the entrepreneurs (sp?) a BSDish licence is probably a better one
than the GNU licence.  

No dont start a flame war there is enough of that on the newsgroups,  but a 
couple of subtle hints should be enough for the sharp minded readers.

<snipped some more>

> If there are enough potential, authors, artclies, etc. available then maybe 
> "Linux Answers. incorporation FreeBSD answers" might be a good start.

It could certainly give the Linux community a view of FreeBSD that the PC 
community were getting of Linux say around 5 years ago,  when there was
a couple of pages a month in one of the mags.  After all it was that and
a free cover CD that got me interested in unixes in 94 (95?) and I imagine 
a great number of other unix enthusiasts.

> I'll shut up now about marketing and go do some IT....

I am waiting for my newly built web cache machine to build its six cache disks.... yawn, 


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