FreeBSD Articles for new LINUX ANSWERS magazine

P.A.Osborne P.A.Osborne
Thu Sep 2 09:10:41 BST 1999

> by myself. I think we should maybe get a list of potential artical titles
> together and decide what we want to tackle first. I guess an intoduction to
> what FreeBSD is and where is come from would make sense for a first article.
> Do we have any timescale on how quickly this needs to be done?
> And we really do need to talk to them about the title. If we explain how a mo
> general title increases their potential readership, they may be easier to
> perswade.....

That makes sense,  heres some thoughts about the article....

How about:  FreeBSD is Unix ?!

And make the first article a unix history more than anything,  that way it
may give the linux people some sense of history and linux's place in it,
being somewhat recent compared to FreeBSD which has a code base going back 

It would have to be fair though and give mention to SysV unix's as well.

Then throw in a you can get FreeBSD from .. blah blah blah.


--will do some work when I have read my mail

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