xfmail 1.3 and 'async_gethostbynmame'

David Marsh drmarsh at bigfoot.com
Wed Sep 29 11:13:58 BST 1999

My configuration of FreeBSD 3.2 continues..

I have installed xfmail 1.3 (as my mailer of choice!) on my new disk,
under FreeBSD 3.2.

However, whenever xfmail starts up, it tries to do an
'async_gethostbyname' on 'viewport.f9.co.uk', which is the name of my
local machine, as set during the system installation. Suffice it to say
that it never did that before under 2.2.7 (on my old disk).

This process either takes a Very Long time (over 5 minutes) or fails to
complete, meaning that I can't use xfmail. (On the one or two occasions
when it did complete, xfmail then spent a ludicrous amount of time
lookin up mail.f9.net.uk, which is where my main POP3 mailbox is, so no
joy there either.)

Luckily (?) Netscape mail seems to work fine (in as much as it does),
but I'd like to use xfmail if I can, as I quite like it and it has
support for multiple mailboxes, which Netscape does not appear to.

I've just installed fetchmail (to investigate possible other ways of
getting my mail), but the documentation looks quite scarey! I once used
popclient on my old system before I got xfmail working, but I can't find
it anywhere in /usr/ports/...

Any help would be much appreciated!



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