How do I mount a 2nd IDE hard disk FreeBSD partition?

David Marsh drmarsh at
Wed Sep 29 01:17:14 BST 1999

[To the people on FreeBSD-Users: Hi, I'm "almost" back, but not quite..]

I have been trying to "upgrade" my system from 2.2.7 to 3.2 by installing
3.2 onto a new hard disk. I now want to regain access to my existing files
so that I can copy them onto the new hard disk.

My 3.2 installation (eventually!) went well, and I must commend the core
team's work on the FreeBSD installation program, which did its stuff just
fine [1], and even managed to squeeze a resolution for X of 1152x768whatever
out of my graphics card, which I hadn't managed before ;-)

[1] And isn't as scarey as I'd thought it was. Once you get somebody else
to do your first install, and then pick up odds and ends along the way,
things don't seem so bad after that..

Anyway, my problem is that I can't seem to be able to mount my old hard

Both disks are alive and work fine in isolation: I've been ripping cables
out swapping back and forth from the old disk to the new disk as my boot
disk ;-)

However, when both disks are installed

(new disk on 1st IDE channel, master, 
old disk on 2nd IDE channel, master)
(also CD drive on 1st IDE channel, slave)

although the BIOS and the bootmenu recognise that there are two disks
present, I can't seem to mount the old disk!

I'm afraid I'm not quite sure exactly _how_ to mount the disk.
I've had as quick/long a swatch around the handbook/FAQ/website as phone
charges allow me to ( :-( ), but I can't see any completely idiot-proof
instructions on mounting IDE disks (plus the whole slice/partition/disk
unit/whatever thing has me further confused).

What little I understand is as follows:

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