Using ntpdate(8) and UK time servers

Dominic Mitchell dom at
Tue Sep 28 07:25:49 BST 1999

On Mon, Sep 27, 1999 at 11:24:18PM +0100, Ben Smithurst wrote:
> But if you do that, it's likely that ntpdate will have to make a
> large adjustment to the time with settimeofday rather than the proper
> adjustment using adjust(). This may or may not be a huge problem.

Not really.  There aren't enough services on my box that it would cause
a problem.

> It may also be worth fiddling with the machdep.i8254_freq sysctl knob if
> your clock is particularly bad. My clock was either losing or gaining
> one second every HOUR (I forget which) until a thread a month or two ago
> when Bruce mentioned I could tweak that sysctl. Worked like a charm, too
> -- ntpdate can always use adjust now to correct the few milliseconds my
> clock might have lost or gained since the last dialup connection.

Interesting.  So many sysctl's, so little time (and docs)...

> Incidentally, some people have implied running PPP as root is a bad
> idea. Why? I always have, with no problems that I've noticed.

Personally, I just find it easier to be able to do "ppp" in a script,
rather than ask for passwords with sudo and so on.  It's a convenience
thing.  I did run it as root for a long time, however, with zero
problems, just tired fingers.


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