Using ntpdate(8) and UK time servers

Ben Smithurst ben at
Mon Sep 27 23:24:18 BST 1999

Dominic Mitchell wrote:

> do what I do which is to correct my clock about once a month (when I
> remember by doing "sudo ntpdate ntphost1 ntphost2 ntphost" or whatever.

But if you do that, it's likely that ntpdate will have to make a
large adjustment to the time with settimeofday rather than the proper
adjustment using adjust(). This may or may not be a huge problem.

It may also be worth fiddling with the machdep.i8254_freq sysctl knob if
your clock is particularly bad. My clock was either losing or gaining
one second every HOUR (I forget which) until a thread a month or two ago
when Bruce mentioned I could tweak that sysctl. Worked like a charm, too
-- ntpdate can always use adjust now to correct the few milliseconds my
clock might have lost or gained since the last dialup connection.

Incidentally, some people have implied running PPP as root is a bad
idea. Why? I always have, with no problems that I've noticed.

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