inbox indigestion

Dr R D Gidden rdg at
Thu Sep 23 17:04:35 BST 1999

We are running 2.1.5 (Yes I know it's *old* !) and 
sendmail to handle all the mail for the school.

I suppose it's something I've done but I can't spot it -
anyone know the answer to:  no one can delete their 
read mail, so they keep getting the same stuff shot 
down to them each time they log on, together with 
any new stuff.

Inboxes are in /usr/spool/mail, which is owned by 
root, with chmod 777. Individual inboxes are owned 
by each individual user, with chmod 700.  Which is 
how I thought I had it to start with, so I don't 
know why they can't alter their own file.

Help gratefully received - even if it's something 
really stupidly obvious!  ;-)


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