Lots of Users

Richard Smith richard at jezebel.demon.co.uk
Mon Sep 20 12:39:23 BST 1999

Steve Greenshaw wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm currently struggling with my 2.2.5 installation trying to add LOTS
> of users. I've written a script to automate the process which works a
> treat, but the problem is that the filesystem is getting full and the
> box is now stuffed (i.e. ready to start again!).

First, 2.2.5 is very old (7 versions ago), but I guess you know that.

> I'm new to FreeBSD (new to UNIX in fact) and don't quite understand
> where I'm going wrong (or why I was given this job in the first place!).
> I am trying to create a mailserver for our Student population where I
> work (roughly 7000 users), but get this filesystem full error. Below is
> the FS bit from the daily run:
> Filesystem  1K-blocks     Used    Avail Capacity  Mounted on
> /dev/sd0a       31775    26061     3172    89%    /
> /dev/sd1s1e   8618420     6917  7922030     0%    /amb
> /dev/sd2s1e   8618420     7226  7921721     0%    /car
> /dev/sd3s1e   8618420    16090  7912857     0%    /lan
> /dev/sd0s1f   8039005   250334  7145551     3%    /usr
> /dev/sd0s1e     29727     2481    24868     9%    /var
> This is on a box with 5 ... yes 5 ... 10Gb SCSI disks. There should be a
> '/dev/sd41e' with the mount point '/pgs' listed above. I can navigate to
> it and everything.

Does the rogue disk appear when using the "df" or "mount" commands?
And is it listed in "/etc/fstab"?

> However, I *think* that the problem lies in the size of my passwd.db etc
> being so large. It looks to me as though 'a' partition on the root drive
> is full. I'm probably completely wrong though.

The default partition size for / is more than adequate for normal
systems. You need to be aware that /etc and /tmp are both within that
partition, and that with an unusually large password database, the
creation of intermediate copies may well be impeded. With 50G at your
disposal, I think you should give a few more megs to root.

> Any/all help anyone can offer would be hugely appreciated ... I mean,
> I've got 50Gb of space so I can't run out ... can I?

You might want to increase /var while your at it.


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