Lots of Users

Steve Greenshaw steve at softgreen.co.uk
Mon Sep 20 12:00:37 BST 1999


I'm currently struggling with my 2.2.5 installation trying to add LOTS
of users. I've written a script to automate the process which works a
treat, but the problem is that the filesystem is getting full and the
box is now stuffed (i.e. ready to start again!).

I'm new to FreeBSD (new to UNIX in fact) and don't quite understand
where I'm going wrong (or why I was given this job in the first place!).
I am trying to create a mailserver for our Student population where I
work (roughly 7000 users), but get this filesystem full error. Below is
the FS bit from the daily run:

Filesystem  1K-blocks     Used    Avail Capacity  Mounted on
/dev/sd0a       31775    26061     3172    89%    /
/dev/sd1s1e   8618420     6917  7922030     0%    /amb
/dev/sd2s1e   8618420     7226  7921721     0%    /car
/dev/sd3s1e   8618420    16090  7912857     0%    /lan
/dev/sd0s1f   8039005   250334  7145551     3%    /usr
/dev/sd0s1e     29727     2481    24868     9%    /var

This is on a box with 5 ... yes 5 ... 10Gb SCSI disks. There should be a
'/dev/sd41e' with the mount point '/pgs' listed above. I can navigate to
it and everything.

However, I *think* that the problem lies in the size of my passwd.db etc
being so large. It looks to me as though 'a' partition on the root drive
is full. I'm probably completely wrong though.

Any/all help anyone can offer would be hugely appreciated ... I mean,
I've got 50Gb of space so I can't run out ... can I?

Thanks in advance,


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